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 Below is the exact text from the Introduction page in
 the 1946 - 1961 Cessna Service Information Summary.


 The following pages contain a summary of excerpts from all letters from April
 1946 to 1 January 1962. The types of letters contained in this summary, and
 the abreviations used for each, are, Service Letter, SL; Service News Letter,
 SNL; Night Letter, NL; Special Project Letter (written to individual dealers),
 SPL; and Parts Letter, PL.

 This book is made up of several main sections, each of which covers a particular
 Cessna Model, except the last section of the book entitled "General Information."
 The main sections are arranged as follows: 120-140, 150, 170-172, 175, 180-182,
 185, 210, 190-195, 310, 320, and General Information. Each of these main
 sections, with the exception of General Information, is subdivided into six sections
 of the following subject matter: Section I - Propeller/Spinner, Section II -
 Powerplant/Fuel System, Section III - Fuselage/Airframe, Section IV - Landing
 Gear, Section V - Electrical/Radio, Section VI - Miscellaneous.

 Information pertinent to a specific model can be found by referring to the specific
 models main group and then referring to the table of contents of the applicable
 subdivision under this group. Information that is referenced to another model
 is contained in the corresponding subdivision of the model referred to.

 The miscellaneous subsections contain information pertinent to the specific model
 under which it is listed. The General Information Section located in the back of
 the book, contains information that does not pertain to any one specific model,
 such as: Serialized Changes, New Dealer Directory, Cold Weather Operation,

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