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General Product Information

McCurtain Technology Group is in the business of publishing electronic digital versions of printed aircraft and
aviation manuals. Our products are designed for use with computers running Windows® 98SE or newer.
The data files on our CD-ROMs can be read by Apple Macintosh systems however we are not providing
technical support for Macintosh users at this time. Mac users can click here for more info.
We create our maintenance CD-ROMs by scanning original factory manuals at photographic quality resolution
(300 dpi) using professional grade flatbed scanners. The manuals on our CD-ROMs are in portable document
format (pdf). The pdf format is extremely popular and is used by many government agencies and businesses.
Our on-screen manuals have the same appearance as the original factory manuals. The Adobe ® Acrobat
Reader™ is required to view or print our manuals. It is included on our CD-ROMs and can also be downloaded
from the Adobe website at no charge.

Visit our products page to see our current products and to place an order.

Click here for a brief tour of our Cessna 150 Service Manual on CD.

Click here for a brief tour of our Cessna 182 Parts Catalog on CD.

Why should you buy our service manuals on CD-ROM?
There are many reasons; consider quality, price, convenience, versatility and our guarantee.
Quality: Our manuals are high resolution electronic versions of original factory manuals on premium quality
CD-ROMs. The zoom function allows viewing of any page at up to 16 times normal magification. Hyperlinks
in the table of contents allow you to jump directly to the chapter you want to view. The print function allows you
to print specific pages or even the entire manual, on your computer printer.
Price: Our products sell for much less than paper manuals.
Convenience: Take our CD-ROM manuals on your cross country flights. Our software will run on your Windows
laptop or virtually any computer running the Windows operating system. Our CDs will 'autoplay' when you load
them into your CD-ROM drive and are immediately usable on computers running Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0
or newer.
Versatility: View our manuals on your computer monitor or use the built in print functionality to easily print all
or any portion of the manuals, using your computer printer. With a inkjet or laser printer, the printed pages are
virtually indistinguishable from an original factory printed manual. Buy the manual on CD-ROM and print a copy
on paper for the cost of paper and ink.
Our Guarantee: Try our CD manuals for up to 30 days, at no risk. Return the product within 30 days, for any
reason, and we'll refund the full purchase price. We also offer a lifetime guarantee for any CD that fails under
normal use.

Try our free demo CD-ROM
A free demo CD is available for Windows ® computers. The Demo CD includes demo versions of our Cessna
150 Service Manual CD and Cessna 150 Parts Catalog CD.
Visit our products page to order a demo CD.

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